Five tips for finding the right apartment!

Searching for the right apartment can be daunting and full-time job, taking hours out of your day to visit one apartment after another, walking away disappointed in not finding the right place to call home.  Here are five tips to keep in mind that will help find the perfect fit, or perhaps avoid renting the wrong place.

Tip #1. Narrow down the neighborhood you want to consider.

Tip #2. Transportation.  Whether you need parking or not, you will at some point need to use the T.  Is the apartment within walking distance to a T train or bus.

Tip #3. Grocery stores.  Let's face it, you need to eat and take-out or delivery service can be expensive.  Believe it or not, there aren't many grocery store in Boston. And many require a car to get to.  Find out about the nearest store before settling on an apartment.

Tip #4. Make sure you ask the landlord or property management company about: safety in the area; what's included with the rent; and whether there are specific rules in the building.  After all, if the building permits smoking, you may end up inhaling someone else's second hand smoke.

Tip #5. Laundry. Waiting to take laundry home to mom may not be the solution if she lives 1,000 miles away.  Ask whether the building has laundry or if there's a public laundromat nearby.

Finding "perfect" apartment will never happen because there's no such thing as the perfect place.  But make sure you ask lots of questions because you want to avoid kicking yourself later.  Lastly, ask, ask, ask lots of questions.  It's your money and your signature that will go on the lease, so no question is off limits.

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